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Wednesday, July 6th 2022

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Edmonton to Amsterdam | $782 roundtrip after taxes | May 2014

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A blog post on September 3rd broke the exciting news that Icelandair would soon start flying from Edmonton's YEG airport. In that post I mentioned that besides absurdly low prices to Iceland, this could also have a real impact on prices from Edmonton to other cities in Europe.

Icelandair routes all their flights through their hub airport in Reykjavik (KEF), the capital of Iceland, to a network of other cities across Europe.

Their route map looks like this:

A great thing about an airline that uses one airport as their main hub is that they can sometimes offer a stopover at that hub city for as long as you want, on your way to your final destination, for no extra charge.

A free stopover in Iceland is almost always available with Icelandair. It's similar to how KLM always offers a free stopover in their hub city of Amsterdam. It's like getting two flights for the price of one, and definitely something you should take advantage of when it's available, assuming you have any interest at all in the stopover city.

In this blog post I'll examine the impact that Icelandair is already having on flight prices from Edmonton to Europe.

In a separate blog post, I'll explain how to get a free stopover in Iceland with Icelandair, on your way to another destination in Europe, using Amsterdam as an example.

Edmonton to Europe - The impact of Icelandair

Edmonton has long had the short end of the stick when it comes to cheap flight prices to Europe. Calgary has quite a few charter flights to various European destinations thanks to Air Transat and Condor, and their non-stop charter flights are often the cheapest way to get to Europe and back.

Edmonton on the other hand, basically just has had just one non-stop charter route, an Edmonton to London Gatwick flight on Air Transat. So the citizens of Edmonton have pretty much been at the mercy of the major airline prices, which rarely dip below $1000 roundtrip after taxes.

But in comes Icelandair, who decides to start operating out of YEG, and can hopefully shake things up a little bit. Let's take a look at what they are currently offering for airfare prices in May 2014 to Amsterdam, compared to the competition.

Amsterdam, Netherlands - $782 roundtrip after taxes
^^^ at the time of this writing (Sep 16, 2013)

To see this fare price, you can just run a standard search on Kayak, like this...


...and click through from Kayak to Icelandair, Orbitz, Expedia, Flight Network, etc, to book the flight.

Or you can just go to www.icelandair.ca and do a standard search for a roundtrip flight between Edmonton and Amsterdam in May 2014. I would recommend using the 'around these dates' search option when doing this.

And here's how Icelandair's flight prices from Edmonton to Amsterdam stack up against the cheapest prices in May 2014 from all other airlines:

We can see that Icelandair is currently undercutting the closest competition by more than 25%, which is extremely aggressive in the competitive, cut-throat world of airfares.

Icelandair Prices To Other European Cities

Here are some more price comparisons for other destinations in Icelandair's flight network. I'll list the cheapest flight prices that Icelandair is offering, and in parentheses, the percentage by which they are undercutting their closest competition.

Oslo, Norway - $806 (-28%)

Stockholm, Sweden - $810 (-18%)

Copenhagen, Denmark - $811 (-14%)

Frankfurt, Germany - $844 (-25%)

Paris, France - $845 (-16%)

London, England UK - $861 (-23%)

Glasgow, Scotland - $889

Getting The Free Stopover In Iceland

And as I mentioned earlier, in addition to being cheaper than the competition by a significant margin, you can also get a free stopover in Iceland on your way to any of the European destinations listed above.

For a tutorial on how to do this, please visit the following blog post:

Edmonton to Europe | How to get a free stopover in Iceland

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Edmonton to Europe | How to get a free stopover in Iceland

This tutorial will explain how to get a free stopover in Iceland when flying from Edmonton to somewhere in Europe using Icelandair.

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Huge fare war from Edmonton to Amsterdam - $665 roundtrip after taxes - affecting fares up to May 2012

There's a huge fare war to Amsterdam (AMS) going on at the moment. It's extremely rare to see the major airlines drop a price to Europe like this from Edmonton that affects such a large range of dates. Actually, it's extremely rare to see a price drop to Europe from Edmonton, period.

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