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Saturday, January 22nd 2022

"I'm a travel junkie who's hooked on deals from YEG." - Chris Myden

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Christmas to New Years Day flight to Cancun - $436 roundtrip after taxes

$436 roundtrip after taxes isn't the cheapest flight I've ever seen to Cancun, but the important factor here is that it's a Christmas/New Year's flight.

All the time, people understandably want to know if there are deals to be had around Christmas or New Year's, and I try to explain to them that it's unbelievably rare to see a deal to *anywhere* at Christmas, never mind the infinitesimally low odds that a great deal will arise to the one destination they have in mind.

It's the one or two weeks of the year where virtually everyone has enough holiday time to take a vacation together, which means demand is exponentially increased, while supply remains exactly the same. Anyone that's taken Econ 101 can tell you what that means. It's the invisible hand at work, keeping prices sky high all around.

So here we have a flight that in the context of any other date range wouldn't be overly extraordinary. It would be a very good price mind you, ever so slightly below the usual bottom price from Edmonton to Cancun of around $450-$500ish. But in the context of Christmas, it shines much brighter.

To find it, try this search:



Let's note the other airlines, and what they're charging for Christmas flights, roundtrip after taxes:

Air Canada: $879
Westjet: $1150
Continental: $1164
United: $1334
Delta: $1669

And here we have Air Transat, offering up a flight for almost exactly 50% of the next cheapest airline.

To note, if you click through from Kayak to Air Transat's site you'll find that booking through AirTransat.ca is going to cost $984! So instead, click through to Expedia, or Travelocity, or Orbitz who are all displaying it at $430ish.

Why is that? It just happens sometimes, and it's definitely not the first time I've seen it happen with Air Transat and the major booking sites. In fact, I often see the reverse as well, where AirTransat.ca is cheaper than the major booking sites. It usually pays to try both.

I will also note that this Christmas flight is just an example. Air Transat seems to have dropped their flights throughout November, December, January, February, and March. Try a 3 day flexible date search on Kayak to find them.

November search example:










The other nice thing about these flights is that they're all direct each way.

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How a family of 4 can get from Edmonton to Cancun for $179 roundtrip after tax (per person)

Update: Try searching for June 18-25 if you're having trouble finding the cheap price using June 18-26. Make sure you're using the flexible date search (it should be checkmarked by default).

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Edmonton to Cancun - $197 roundtrip after tax

Found another ridiculously cheap one, this time to Cancun, Mexico. Try searching for flights from December 5-12 on FlightCentre.ca from Edmonton to Cancun.

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Last minute flight: Edmonton to Cancun - $335 roundtrip after tax

Sunwing has dropped the price of their last minute flight to Cancun down to $335 roundtrip after tax.

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And Sunwing just dropped their last minute flight to Cancun too - $335 roundtrip after tax

Just like their Cabo flight, Sunwing has dropped their last minute Cancun one as well, down to $335 roundtrip after tax, October 29 to Nov 06.

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